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Jim Woods is a 25-year market veteran with experience as a broker, hedge fund trader and author. He is the editor of the Successful Investing, Intelligence Report, Bullseye Stock Trader and Fast Money Alert advisory services, and the e-letter The Deep Woods. A self-described radical for capitalism, he was recently ranked the No. 1 financial blogger by TipRanks out of nearly 8,000.

Jim's Articles

For many, 2021 is about fresh starts, limitless possibilities and good karma; in that light, here's an ETF that helps track social responsibility, suggests Jim Woods, editor of The Deep Woods.
The bulls continue to run the show on Wall Street. Why? Well, it’s because the smart money now basically knows what it can expect on three key fronts, explains growth stock expert Jim Woods, editor of Intelligence Report.
Over the past few decades, we have seen a remarkable shift in the materials that the world uses to power its machines and generate the energy that is needed to run all the devices that make living life as comfortable as possible, suggests Jim Woods, editor of The Deep Woods.
I am a huge fan of Big Tech, not just for the money that those stocks have made me and my subscribers, but also because this is where the innovation, technological prowess and unrivaled Silicon Valley brain power reside, asserts Jim Woods, editor of Intelligence Report.

Jim's Videos

We've all seen the massive gains in Bitcoin last year, but is owning the cryptocurrency the best way to ride this profit wave? Or, is a better way to take advantage of this trend with a company that's an integral part of every cryptocurrency transaction? Stock and ETF expert Jim Woods will give you a "Crypto 101," and tell you about the best crypto stock you've likely never heard of.

An altered world requires an altered perception, and an altered perception requires the right exchange traded funds to enhance your portfolio's focus. ETF and trading expert Jim Woods, editor of Successful Investing, Intelligence Report, and Bullseye Stock Trader, will show you the seven must-own ETFs for 2021 so that your portfolio can prevail in an altered world.
Did you get caught during the latest market plunge? Jim Woods didn't, in fact he told his subscribers to sell all their stocks just after the market peaked in mid-February, and before the big bear collapse. But how did he know that was the time to sell? It's because rather than guessing about which way the market might go, he uses a proven, 40-plus-year trading plan that's helped investors get out of the market when it's trending lower, and just as importantly, when to get back in the market as the next uptrend emerges. In this webinar, Mr. Woods will show you how to always know when to sell your stocks, when to buy stocks, and which stocks to buy, so that you can protect your money during downturns and grow your money in boom times.
ETFs are the best way to get exposure to the broad markets and to sectors. Yet there's more to the ETF universe than you may even know. Jim Woods takes a deeper dive into some of the unique ways investors can use ETFs to achieve peak results. From factor ETFs to leveraged ETFs to commodity ETFs to income-generating ETFs. If you want to dive into the ETF wormhole and come out on the other side, this session is for you.

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