Louisa Nicola

Neuroscientist and Neurophysiologist,

Neuro Athletics

  • Head Performance Advisor at Neuro Athletics
  • Neuroscientist & Neurophysiologist serving pro athletes, portfolio managers and traders
  • Author of weekly newsletter

About Louisa

Louisa Nicola is a Sydney-trained neuroscientist and neurophysiologist serving as the head performance advisor at Neuro Athletics, a small multi-enterprise venture, where she consults professional athletes, teams, and portfolio managers. Under the brand umbrella of Neuro Athletics, there are two distinct groups: a consulting practice and a portfolio of digital products. Both of these groups are supported by a research team composed of research analysts in the field of neuroscience, health, and life sciences.

Louisa's Videos

Using the neuroscience of peak performance, Louisa Nicola has been advising professional athletes and investors on the art and science of decision making and risk management by understanding the one thing they can control: their nervous system. In this talk, the audience will learn the cutting-edge research on how investors can activate their mental and body states to make better decisions, retain brain endurance, and invest in a peak state.