Sean Worthington


Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency

About Sean

Sean Worthington has been teaching computer science in community colleges for over 20 years. While working on his dissertation for his PhD in computer information systems, he realized that monetary systems are just information systems and that the rules used to create information systems could be applied to money. Mr. Worthington created the first Model for Perfect Currency, invented and patented a new Superbase data structure that allows for a digital currency he calls CloudCoin. He is the author of Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency.

Sean's Videos

At MoneyShow, Sean Worthington, the author of Beyond Bitcoin, previews what he expects next in cryptocurrencies and blockchain with interviewer Neil George of Profitable Investing.
Digital currencies like Bitcoin have become todays hot topic as people make millions off their meteoric rise in value. Digital currencies allow us to trade with anyone in the world. Its like spending cash directly from our own
computers. In theory, there are no banking fees and no worries about identity theft. You have privacy, and your money is protected from any governments inflating currency. When Bitcoin came out, most of us didnt buy any. We didnt get involved. And we missed the significance of this technology. But are there profits still to be made?
At Traders Expo Chicago, Sean Worthington wrote: Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currencies. How to evaluate different monies. Shortfalls of bitcoin. I look at cryptos & don't like them.