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Erin Allen

VP, Online ETF Distribution,


  • New Product Development & Support of BMO GAM's Existing Line-Up of 97 ETF Strategies
  • Successfully achieve sales targets of approximately $20 million per quarter
  • Sr. Product Manager

About Erin

Erin Allen has been a part of the BMO ETFs team driving growth since the beginning, joining BMO Global Asset Management in 2010 and working her way through a variety of roles gaining experience in both sales and product development. For the past 5+ years, Ms. Allen has been working closely with capital markets desks, index providers, and portfolio managers to bring new ETFs to market. More recently, she is committed to helping empower investors to feel confident in their investment choices through ETF education. Ms. Allen hosts the weekly ETF Market Insights broadcast, delivering ETF education to DIY investors in a clear and concise manner. She has an honors degree from Laurier University and a CIM designation.

Erin's Videos

The growth of covered call ETFs has led to a broad range in distribution yields on the different products, each with its own set of choices and trade-offs.   In this session, we explore what drives the yield on a covered call ETF.  We explore key considerations an investor can use to make an informed decision when investing in these solutions. Balancing a reliable source of cash flow while generating growth from an investment portfolio is the key objective for many investors.  Sophisticated investors know that there are trade-offs to be made but may not know what those are.  We will discuss the various approaches to covered call strategies, their benefits, and their implications for one’s portfolios, all with the goal of helping investors determine the right mix for their own investment objectives.  BMO ETFs is the leading covered call ETF provider by AUM, and number of listings1, with many of our ETFs having over a 10+ years track record.  Our ETFs aim to provide yield you can trust for access to growth and cash flow. 

Markets are impacted by a wide variety of factors including economic data, monetary policy, earnings, and more.  In this session, we dive into the historical relationship between elections and markets and its potential implications for your investment portfolio this year.  How will the rematch of Biden vs. Trump, a match many Americans don’t want, play out for the markets and the economy? We will look at solutions to help you manage volatility, stay the course, and maintain discipline in your investment journey. 

Balancing a reliable source of cash flow while generating growth from an investment portfolio is the golden ticket for many investors. Sophisticated investors know that there are trade offs to be made for exceptionally higher cash flow from an investment. The question is, what is the right mix for you to have your own golden ticket? Join Erin Allen and Om Karmalkar as they offer a guide for the key considerations investors need to evaluate before investing in any covered call ETF and why these are important investment solutions for investors seeking reliable monthly cash flow.

Hear from Cathie Wood on why innovation is the key to growth in a portfolio and how these technologies are changing the very fabric of our society. Cathie joins Erin Allen from BMO ETFs as they discuss how to identify long-term investment opportunities resulting from technological innovations such as robotics, artificial intelligence, energy storage, DNA sequencing, and blockchain technology. By focusing solely on disruptive innovation, they look to deliver long-term capital appreciation and performance with a low correlation to traditional investment strategies. They will also discuss why now could be a good opportunity to add this type of growth to one's portfolio and ways to use these ETFs in your portfolio. ARK Invest has partnered with BMO Global Asset Management bringing their flagship ETFs to Canada; ARKK, ARGW, and ARKG.