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Jim Martens

Senior Currency Strategist

Elliott Wave International


Jim Martens is Elliott Wave International's (EWI) senior currency strategist and editor of Currency Pro Service. He got his start working with metals traders on the Commodity Exchange Center in New York and quickly earned a reputation for insightful market calls. Mr. Martens first joined Robert Prechter's team at EWI in September 1993, covering a diverse list of markets from commodities to financials. He left EWI in 2001 to join Nexus Capital Limited, a Soros-affiliated hedge fund based in Hamilton, Bermuda, as their technical market strategist. Mr. Martens rejoined EWI in the summer of 2004 and soon headed up the currency team. He is an experienced Elliott Wave instructor and presents at various trading seminars and tutorials around the world. He received a degree in finance from Florida Atlantic University and formal credit training from the Bank of New York (1990-1993).

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