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J.W. Jones

Chief Options Strategist

Technical Traders, Ltd.


J.W. Jones is the chief options strategist for Technical Traders, Ltd. He is an independent options trader who uses probability analytics paired with basic technical analysis to shape his trading decisions. Mr. Jones specializes in high probability trades that focus primarily on time decay, the collapse of volatility, and probability analysis to find specific trading opportunities. He has a background in private wealth management specializing in the use of derivatives to reduce portfolio risk across multiple time frames and risk tolerances. Mr. Jones also has previous experience managing interest-rate sensitive investments for financial institutions and providing consulting for derivative utilization to mitigate interest rate risk. Today, he trades for his own account and focuses on providing quality, educational content for novice option traders at his Web sites OptionsTradingSignals.com and TradersVideoPlaybook.com. His work has been featured in a variety of mediums including zerohedge.com, minyanville.com, and thestreet.com.