Dennis Gartman

Editor and Publisher,

The Gartman Letter, L.C.

  • Retired Editor/Publisher of The Gartman Letter
  • Chair of Akron U’s & Board Member of NC State’s Endowments
  • Regular Appearances on FOX Business; Bloomberg Radio/TV

About Dennis

Dennis Gartman is the editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter. He began his career in 1974 as an economist with Cotton, Inc., then trading foreign exchange for NCNB National Bank. Mr. Gartman was chief financial futures analyst for A.G. Becker & Company while an independent member of the Chicago Board of Trade. He ran Sovran Bank's futures brokerage operation before producing The Gartman Letter full-time beginning in 1987. Mr. Gartman has lectured on capital market creation to central banks and finance ministries and classes for the Federal Reserve Bank's School for bank examiners on derivatives. He now serves on the investment committee of both the University of Akron and NC State. Mr. Gartman appears on CNBC, radio, and television regularly and gives speeches around the world.

Dennis's Articles

Dennis Gartman follows a simple strategy that he thinks will do extremely well in the coming years. Watch him explain it here.
In the wake of the recent collapse of several commodity markets, Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter has some surprising things to say about where to look for shortages that could drive prices back up.
The yen has fallen from near record highs and shows no signs of stopping, says Dennis Gartman, but he warns that major currency moves take time and are rarely straight lines.
These are the mega themes for at least the next couple of years, says Dennis Gartman, who explains why and when you’ll need to worry about them, and how to trade them.

Dennis's Videos

Commodity markets can provide interesting trading opportunities and returns. This panel of experts will explore key issues that informed commodity traders should be aware of when trading these exciting markets. Some of the issues covered will be:

  • What is a commodity super-cycle and are we at the beginning middle or end of it?
  • Is it possible the media's focus on inflation fanned the flames, and maybe even created a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  • How important is an understanding of term structures to investing and trading in the commodity markets?
  • How important is the dollar's role in commodity trading?
  • What are the important clues that the neglected oats market tells us about the grain market generally?
  • What is the difference between cryptocurrencies and gold and why does it matter?
  • Is crypto a commodity or a currency, and does crypto have a future?

These topics and more will provide you with a broad overview of trading commodity markets.

Stocks have soared since March but so too has gold, with both moving higher as the monetary authorities around the world have been, are now, and will in the future continue to be expansionary. Covid-19 and the recession have mandated these expansionary policies, and until there is a clear turnabout in both instances this expansionism will continue to gold's clear benefit. Join Dennis Gartman, editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter, L.C., to discover how the disinflation and/or outright deflation of the past several years shall disappear, and an inflation—especially in commodity prices—shall begin in earnest, sooner rather than later.

The world has gone mad—riots, rebellion, defunded police, arson, looting—who knew that these were all bullish of equities? Certainly, Dennis Gartman did not and nor do most discerning, mature, experienced investors. But the Fed and the other leading monetary authorities have been egregiously, preposterously, stunningly, shockingly, expansionary, and likely shall remain so for a very long while. So, we are to learn that fighting the Fed and the others is a mug's game, but it is a game in equities that Mr. Gartman prefers not playing.

Dennis Gartman discusses the importance of term structure in markets.