Christopher DeMuth


Rangeley Capital

About Christopher

Chris DeMuth Jr. founded event-driven hedge fund Rangeley Capital LLC and research service Sifting the World, the top ranked research service for arbitrage, event driven, and M&A opportunities.

Christopher's Videos

This is a follow-up to the best ideas for 2022, Renren (RENN), which more than doubled. It's safe, lucrative, and uncorrelated with the broader equity market. This is one of my hedge fund's top positions and top ideas on Sifting the World.

What is happening in the world of mergers and acquisitions, and how does it impact your portfolio? Join this session to hear what Chris DeMuth considers to be today's biggest deal opportunities. How can you profit from corporate events in any market? Mr. DeMuth will share his hedge fund's biggest bets from deal targets to litigation and energy.