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About Mark

Mark Wolfinger is an educator of individual investors and hosts a well-respected Web site that offers a solid options education. He works with both beginners and intermediate-level traders and shows them how to reduce risk and enhance earnings by adopting conservative option strategies. Mr. Wolfinger has been in the options business since 1977, when he became a market maker on the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. For the past dozen years he has devoted his efforts to education. Mr. Wolfinger is the author of three books, including the best-selling The Rookie's Guide to Options.   

Mark's Articles

For the benefit of those traders new to the world of options, Mark Wolfinger, at OptionsforRookies.com, breaks down the four cardinal reasons it makes sense to hold onto an option.
Although the two types of options have many similar characteristics, it's the differences that are important, so Mark Wolfinger, at OptionsforRookies.com, explains the four crucial differences between American- and European-style options.
For the benefit of those new to single options, Mark Wolfinger at OptionsforRookies.com offers an introduction to the three things you can do with an option.
Mark D. Wolfinger at OptionsforRookies.com offers some solid ideas from his trading strategy that he believes can be useful for every trader.
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