Taylor Horton

VP of Directional Options Strategies,

Simpler Trading

  • Vice President of directional strategies at Simpler Trading
  • Began trading at the age of 16
  • Inspired by John Carter

About Taylor

Taylor Horton is the vice president of directional strategies at Simpler Trading. He was introduced to Wall Street at a young age by his father who owns and runs his own wealth management firm. Mr. Horton started trading at the age of 16 and has made it his sole focus since 2009. His trading style focuses on trading high-probability setups with high-probability options strategies. His major focus is trading weekly, three-day, and daily squeezes in trending stocks, utilizing credit spreads to even further stack-the-odds in his favor.

Taylor's Videos

Taylor Horton will discuss how to utilize the TTM Squeeze indicator to identify high-probability setups across multiple timeframes. The Squeeze indicator allows him to identify when a stock is setting up to make a bigger than expected move, typically with a focus on weekly and daily timeframes. Using the Squeeze, Mr. Horton will show you how he builds his position in a stock before the momentum begins, which allows him the ability to take profits into the ensuing strength. He utilizes a mix of moving averages, keltner channels, and other indicators to accurately determine the direction of the next move. Join Taylor Horton and let him show you the power of the TTM squeeze, and why he believes a trading career can be built around this one setup.

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