Seán McVeigh photo

Seán McVeigh

Chief Executive Officer,

Helo Corp

About Seán

Seán McVeigh, CEO of Helo Corp, has overseen Helo's growth and recent restructuring to position Helo as a technology-driven industry disruptor. His experience in monetizing technology as an engineer and seasoned commercial professional, having held corporate roles in multinationals and start-ups, enabled him as CEO to build multiple secure and successful financial exits for shareholders. 

Seán's Videos

Seán McVeigh, CEO of Helo Corp (OTC: HLOC), will provide product examples showing how everyone can use technology and smart devices to optimize their supplement selection daily. He will explain how Helo AI can monitor its customers’ results, provide customer feedback, and instruct Helo’s NutraMatic to supply a personalized, optimized supplement combination to its customers in real-time, and at a price similar to what they already pay for their supplements today.