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Jeffrey Hirsch is editor-in-chief of The Stock Trader's Almanac and Almanac Investor, and the author of The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles (Wiley, 2012), along with Super Boom: Why the Dow Will Hit 38,820 and How You Can Profit from It (Wiley, 2011). A 30-year Wall Street veteran, he took over from founder, Yale Hirsch, in 2001. Mr. Hirsch regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and many other financial media outlets.

Jeffrey's Articles

Last year at this time we were much more concerned and cautious than most of The Street when we made our 2022 Forecast for an Early Year High, a Worst Six Months Correction and a Q4 Rally, recalls Jeffrey Hirsch, editor of Stock Trader's Almanac.
Once the outcome of the midterm elections is known, it will likely alleviate some of the uncertainty that has been contributing to the market’s volatile trading, observes Jeff Hirsch, editor of Stock Trader's Almanac — and a participant in MoneyShow's Post-Election Virtual Expo on November 10-11. Register here for free.
We coined the term “bear-killer” for October way back in 1968 in the 1969 Stock Trader’s Almanac, the second edition. The original theory from the 1969 Almanac still holds water, recalls Jeffrey Hirsch, editor of Stock Trader's Almanac — and a participant in The MoneyShow Orlando, October 30 to November 1. Register here.
Unfortunately, the stock market is delivering on its bearish historical 4-Year Cycle and seasonal tendencies here at the midway point of 2022, observes Jeffrey Hirsch, the advisory industry's leading authority on seasonal trading patterns and editor of Stock Trader's Almanac.

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Get the lowdown on the latest Canadian listed ETFs focused on disruptive innovation, all-in-one diversified low-cost asset mixes, covered calls, and fixed income from, TD Asset Management, BMO ETFs & Horizons ETFs. Join this lively discussion with Jeff Hirsch and Jon Needham, Alfred Lee, and Emerson Baker where they will spend most of the time answering your questions.

The intersection of the annual seasonal pattern and the four-year cycle produces the quadrennial "sweet spot." 2022 is setting up for a prototypical mid-term bottom hitting its low point in late Q3 or early Q4 in the August-October period, just ahead of the mid-term elections. Jeffrey Hirsch will show you how to capitalize on the "sweet spot" and the next bull market rally. The usual loss of Congressional seats by the incumbent President's party in the mid-term election has the potential to create the best political alignment scenario: Democratic President and Republican Congress. This combo has produced the best market gains averaging yearly gains of 16.4% for DJIA. Get Jeff's top stock picks, ETF sector rotation trades, and his best months seasonal MACD buy signal.

Join moderator Jeffrey Hirsch with panelists David Mazza and Kevin Kelly for a drill down into the newest levereged and inverse ETFs from Direxion and the latest, hottest trends in biotech ETF investing from Kelly ETFs.

As the market enters the best six months of the year and the sweet spot of the four-year cycle, Jeff will lay out the yearend calendar of seasonal swing trades from the 2023 Stock Trader's Almanac and 2023 Commodity Trader's Almanac featured in his digital subscription: Small Cap January Effect, Thanksgiving-New Year's, Santa Claus Rally, Free Lunch Bargain Stock, Equity and Commodities Sectors from Oil to Semiconductors, including his top ETF trades and latest undervalued, under-the-radar stock picks—and his updated outlook for Q4 midterm year, the best six months, and pre-election year 2023.

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Jeffrey Hirsch

Stock Trader's Almanac 2021

The 2021 Stock Trader’s Almanac is your shortcut to understanding the cycles, trends, and patterns that will define stock trading in 2021. Based on strategies that have outperformed the S&P 500 by over 325% since 2001, the &
Jeffrey Hirsch

The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles: How to Take Advantage of Time-Proven Market Patterns

For investors looking to beat the buy-and-hold philosophy, The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles will provide simple, actionable ideas that have stood the test of time and consistently outperformed the market.

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