Jim Penna

Manager, Retirement Services,

VectorVest, Inc.

About Jim

Jim Penna is the manager of retirement services for VectorVest, Inc. He joined the VectorVest family in 2007 and spends much of his time conducting Investment Seminars and working with customers to help build the foundation for a safe and secure retirement portfolio. Mr. Penna is also skilled in options trading and teaches options for VectorVest. Prior to joining VectorVest, he spent nearly 10 years working on trading desks and then as a market maker for a major trading firm. Mr. Penna is a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.

Jim's Videos

If you're mildly bullish on a stock and want to generate income from a leveraged investment or looking to profit from a range bound stock, then Diagonal Spreads are for you. Diagonal spreads are an excellent way to use the versatility and leverage that comes with options and produce some monthly cash flow at the same time. In effect, the strategy is like a covered call, except that a long call is substituted for the stock. Trading Diagonals allows you to get paid whether the stock goes up, sideways or even if it goes down a little! After attending this presentation, you will know the 7 key principles to Trading Diagonals for Income.

VectorVest's Worry-Free Investing approach is the safest, surest, and easiest way to make money in the stock market. In this presentation, you will learn how to buy stocks with consistent, predictable earnings growth that pay a handsome dividend. These stocks are also prime candidates for writing Covered Calls to generate even more income. You will not find another system anywhere that can put these kinds of stocks right at your fingertips with such little effort!