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Barbara Rockefeller


Technical Analysis for Dummies


Barbara Rockefeller is an international economist and trader specializing in foreign exchange. Ms. Rockefeller was the senior risk manager in the International department at Citibank prior to starting a newsletter business in 1990. Before this, she was in the Treasury division with a specialization in foreign exchange. At the beginning of Ms. Rockefeller's career in banking, she completed credit training and was a loan officer in the Multinational division at Manufacturers Hanover Trust. Ms. Rockefeller is the author of four books: Technical Analysis for Dummies, The Global Trader, CNBC 24/7--Trading Around the Clock, Around the World, and How to Invest Internationally. She also authors two newsletters, Daily Currency Briefing and Daily Futures Report, as well as writing for finance-oriented magazines like Active Trader, Currency Trader, and Stocks, Futures and Options. Ms. Rockefeller earned a BA in economics from Reed College and an MA in international affairs from Columbia University.