A.J. Monte, CMT

Chief Market Strategist,

The Market Guys, Inc.

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AJ Monte CMT is chief market strategist for The Market Guys and author of two books on trading. He has over 35 years of financial industry experience, 10 of them spent as a trader and member of the New York-based Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX). Mr. Monte is a former NASDAQ market maker and chairman of the Options Floor Trading Committee for COMEX.

A.J.'s Articles

Exchange traded funds have also become popular with traders who’ve added pairs trading to their playbook. Pairs trading typically involves trading two highly correlated assets, writes AJ Monte CMT Tuesday.
In my early days of trading gold, the only tools I used were sharpened pencils and graph paper. I was attracted to Point & Figure charts, a form of charting, which used a series of Xs and Os recorded in vertical columns, writes AJ Monte, CMT.
If you’ve been trading the markets for any length of time you will know the two main emotions which drive volatility are fear and greed, writes AJ Monte, CMT.
Like two mountain climbers, we traders need to anchor the pitons, so to speak, in an effort to limit the downside risk. A stop-loss order for a trader is like the safety rope for a mountain climber, writes AJ Monte, CMT.

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At TradersExpo Chicago, AJ Monte: How to manage risk in the face of market volatility. Learn how to lose money the right way. We're seeing the volatility in the markets. Been trading metals 36 years.