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Peter Krauth is a former portfolio adviser and a 20-year veteran of the resource market, with special expertise in precious metals, mining, and energy stocks. He is editor of two newsletters to help investors profit from metal market opportunities: Silver Stock Investor,, and Gold Resource Investor, In those letters Mr. Krauth writes about what he is buying and selling; he takes no pay from companies for coverage. He has contributed numerous articles to Forbes,, BNN Bloomberg, the Financial Post, Seeking Alpha, Streetwise Reports,, and TalkMarkets.

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I’m going to take a deep dive review of Barrick Gold (GOLD), which is the world’s second largest gold producer in the world; it’s been in our model portfolio since June 2020, notes Peter Krauth, editor of Gold Resource Investor.
Put simply, the Fed can’t stop inflation. It would take big and rapid increases in interest rates. But that would crush already weak stock markets, cautions Peter Krauth, mining sector expert and editor of Silver Stock Investor. 
War between Russia and Ukraine is pushing inflation higher still. Gold, silver, copper, oil, nickel, zinc, and nearly all other resources have all been rallying in response, asserts Peter Krauth, editor of Gold Resource Investor.
It’s rare to find one stock that has it all. Well, here’s one that has size, safety, yield and growth: Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM), asserts Peter Krauth, editor of Silver Stock Investor.

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Base and precious metals are soaring. Inflation forces are real. The Russia-Ukraine conflict, wage-price pressures, carbon reduction and electrification, supply-chain and supply shock issues are all contributing to a new commodities super-cycle. Investors need exposure to the right metals, and experienced guidance in choosing them.

Fundamental and inflation drivers, along with the massive global shift to clean energy, uniquely favor uranium and silver. Uranium is the cleanest form of low-cost baseload energy. Silver is crucial to solar and wind power, as well as electric vehicles, 5G telecommunication, and high-tech electronics. Both metals are undersupplied just as demand is aggressively ramping up. Silver and uranium are poised to dramatically outperform this year.
Silver is like Gold on Steroids. It outperforms gold in precious metals bull markets, and that process has already started. It has unique drivers that power it higher. Silver is a niche investment space that offers non-correlated, high-octane diversification opportunities for sophisticated investors.
Inflation is here and rising. Commodities outperform stocks during inflation. We're seeing much higher prices for everything from gasoline to food to automobiles. Resources like Lithium, uranium, oil, copper, and nickel have been soaring. And their mining companies are making huge profits. Canada is the Global Mining Epicenter. It's time to get invested.

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Peter writes about what he is buying and selling; he takes no pay from companies for coverage. 

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