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David Paul




David Paul, PhD, is a partner with Tom Hougaard in the live trading room, www.whichwaytoday.com, which now has an 18-month profitable and fully recorded trading history and which they started in January 2009. Since 1993, he has researched every possible method of consistently removing points from the actively traded markets. Dr. Paul has attended hundreds of mainly US-based conferences and has participated in many. He has distilled a novel approach to trading markets and has developed courses and specialises in short-term trading in futures and forex. Previously, Dr. Paul started his own engineering company manufacturing mining tools, which he sold in 1992. He then joined Progressive Systems College, which specialised in stock market education. Dr. Paul took over the management of the Rivonia branch in 1996 and was invited to join the Board of Directors in 1997. During this time, he developed the Peak Performance seminar and a forex trading course. Dr. Paul resigned as manager of Rivonia in 2000 and sold his share holding in Progressive Systems to become a self employed equity, futures, and forex trader. He holds a BSC in mechanical engineering from Queens University of Belfast and a PhD in mechanical engineering.