Moez Mahrez

Investment Analyst,

5i Research

  • Investment Analyst with 5iResearch
  • Editor of the ETF & Mutual Fund Update Newsletter
  • Contributor to Canadian MoneySaver Magazine

About Moez

Moez Mahrez, CFA, is an investment analyst with 5i Research and chief editor of the ETF and Mutual Fund Update newsletter. He is responsible for management and generation of content for ETFMU as well as fund and industry research. Mr. Mahrez is a contributor to Canadian MoneySaver magazine and has previously worked as a financial advisor at two of Canada's biggest banks, specializing in investment advice and fund analysis. He holds the chartered financial analyst designation and has a Bachelor of commerce at McGill University.

Moez's Videos

ETFs give individual investors flexibility, access to various exposures and instant diversification. However, with so many options for even the same type of exposure it can be overwhelming to sort through all the options. This session will help investors know what factors to pay attention to when comparing ETFs and how to pick ETFs that complement their respective portfolios.
Moez Mahrez will provide an overview of the main criteria one should keep in mind when picking ETFs. He will discuss filling portfolio gaps with ETFs, using ETFs to get exposure to low knowledge areas, evaluating ETFs based on performance, assets under management, and fees, as well as tax-efficiency among other factors. Mr. Mahrez will also do a bit of an overview of different sectors and their valuations to point investors to interesting ETF themes.

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ETF & Mutual Fund Update

The ETF and Mutual Fund Update letter helps guide investors through an overwhelming array of fund choices to help find the investment product that is best for you. On a monthly basis, our letter will discuss which funds might make you money, are worth the fees and which ones should simply be avoided.

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