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Ron Ianieri


Ion Options, LLC


Ron Ianieri was the co-founder and chief options strategist for The Options University and now founder of his own options education company, Ion Options, LLC, where he continues to teach option theory and strategy to individual, self-directed investors. Previously, he served as a manager for Gateway Partners in charge of hiring and training new trader trainees and aided in the development of the firm's proprietary trading and strategic risk management program that featured several sophisticated pricing models and analytic tools. During this time, Mr. Ianieri developed his Option Theory and Trading Course software. Prior to this, Mr. Ianieri was known as the Option Specialist at Dell Computer in the early 1990s when Dell was one of the busiest option books in the US. During his years on the floor, he sat on several Philadelphia Stock Exchange Committees, including the Marketing Committee, the Automation Committee, and the Electronic Book Development Sub-Committee. Mr. Ianieri graduated from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia with a degree in finance.