Jonathan Needham

Vice President & Director, Lead of ETF Distribution,

TD Asset Management Inc.

  • Vice President & Director for TD Asset Management
  • Lead of ETF Distribution for TD Asset Management
  • MBA from Lebow College of Business at Drexel University

About Jonathan

Jonathan Needham is lead of ETF distribution for the firm and works closely with the wholesaling and national accounts teams across Canada with a focus on differentiating TD ETF offerings within the marketplace and driving market share growth. He has extensive experience in the Canadian investment industry in various roles, including senior sales executive, senior marketing executive, sales coach, and consultative sales. Mr. Needham holds a Certificate in human resource management from Sheridan College and an MBA from Lebow College of Business at Drexel University.

Jonathan's Videos

Navigating the current investment environment with increasing volatility and changing interest rates can be difficult. Jonathan Needham, VP & Director, Lead of ETF Distribution for TDAM will provide an overview on the risk and return characteristics of real estate and infrastructure and how they combine to create a compelling asset class for inclusion in a diversified portfolio. Whether it is multi-family real estate, industrial real estate, logistics centers, commodity infrastructure, or renewable energy; the long-term, contracted and inflation-linked cash flows can provide strong diversification potential against more volatile assets, and value protection in an inflationary environment versus traditional fixed income and equities.

Would you be willing to sacrifice transparency for potential returns? Would you forego daily disclosure for added flexibility? Those questions and more lie at the center of the passive vs. active ETF debate, the latest version of which will happen right before your eyes as part of this special panel! So be there as the pros discuss the advantages and distinct risk factors of new, actively managed ETFs. See which side you're on, and through the course of a spirited debate, get the help you need to decide whether actively managed ETFs are right for you.
TD will showcase their featured Income ETFs and provide insights on what makes these ETFs a must have. Where to get yield in a low yield environment? How much yield should I be seeking? What is the role of income in a Portfolio? All these questions and more will be discussed with a live Q&A following.
Join Jonathan Needham of TD Asset Management as he discusses ESG and investing. He will cover why it's important and how ESG can improve outcomes. Additionally, learn about the new innovative TD ESG ETFs that are providing investors with one of the lowest-cost ESG solutions in Canada.