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  • Anchor with BNN Bloomberg
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  • 20 Years Industry Experience

About Mark

Mark Bunting is a trusted journalist with more than 20 years' experience covering capital markets and business on national television as an anchor and reporter with Business News Network (now BNN Bloomberg), including three years in England as BNN's London Bureau Chief, and with Bloomberg TV Canada. He currently oversees the content produced by Uncommon Sense Investor, where the goal is to provide investors with thoughtful and clear insight, analysis, conversation, and education. Prior to his role at Uncommon Sense Investor, Mr. Bunting was the publisher of Capital Ideas Media, an online financial media platform that produces investment-related videos, curated research newsletters, and podcasts.

Mark's Videos

In this session, seasoned professionals will provide you with the roadmap you need to get your financial house in order during what can be a very challenging time.
Entrepreneur Som Seif, founder and CEO of Purpose Investments, explains how investors can strategically incorporate ETFs as mechanisms and tools in their portfolios to amplify profit and preserve capital. Mr. Seif will be in discussion with Mark Bunting, publisher and host of Uncommon Sense Investor, and John O'Connell, chairman and CEO of Davis Rea Investment Counsel.
Generating income in today's record low interest rate world is becoming increasingly challenging for investors. In this discussion, Mark Bunting, Host of Uncommon Sense Investor will be joined by panelist from Mackenzie Investments and Horizons ETFs to share their thoughts on how to generate income from investment portfolios in today's low rate, low-income environment.
John O'Connell has seen it all in his more than 35 years as an investment manager. Over that time, the chairman and CEO of Davis Rea Investment Counsel has developed strategies, tactics, and 10 rules of investing that he applies to his clients' portfolios to preserve and grow their capital in any kind of market conditions. Get access to Mr. O'Connell's years of experience in this discussion with Mark Bunting, publisher and host of Uncommon Sense Investor, and former host of the Market Call shows on BNN Bloomberg.

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