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Jonathan Chevreau is a veteran financial columnist, blogger, and author based in Toronto. He was the Financial Post's personal finance columnist between 1993 and 2012 and editor-in-chief for MoneySense Magazine from 2012 to 2014. Mr. Chevreau still writes the Retired Money column for MoneySense and spearheads eight ETF experts in the annual MoneySense ETF All-Stars feature initiated when he was the editor. In 2014, he launched the Financial Independence Hub (aka, which publishes blogs every business day. Mr. Chevreau has authored several books with traditional book publishers like McGraw Hill and Key Porter books, including The Wealthy Boomer, and a series of mutual fund guides called Smart Funds.

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Now in its 9th year, the ETF All-Stars helps Canadian investors narrow down the field of ETFs from the more than 1,000 currently available to a short list of roughly 50, spanning Canadian equities, US equities, international, fixed income, and one-decision asset allocation ETFs. Jon Chevreau spearheads a panel of eight ETF experts, who also contribute more eclectic individual picks through the popular Desert Island pick feature.