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  • Founder of SimplerTrading.com
  • Author of Mastering the Trade
  • Developed Software for Finding High Probability

About John

John Carter is founder and president of Simpler Trading, and author of Mastering the Trade. An active trader for the past 25 years, his main focus is trading futures and options. Mr. Carter made over $12,000,000 (1000%+) trading TSLA options in 2020. He is the developer of the TTM Squeeze, a tool for finding high probability greater than expected market maker moves. Mr. Carter studied international finance at the University of Cambridge in England before graduating from the University of Texas at Austin.

John's Articles

Option trading doesn't have to be complicated, says John Carter, explaining two ways anyone can use options to either buy stocks without huge capital outlay or earn extra income.
A strong first quarter could give way to strong downward bias for the rest of 2012, warns Larry Pesavento, who shares what he sees as the go-to trade for the remainder of this year.
The euro debt crisis has forced assets to pour into safe havens like bonds, says John Carter, but it’s the unwinding of the bond bubble that could create the trade of a lifetime.
Option trading doesn’t have to be complicated, says John Carter, who teaches some simple, yet profitable option trading strategies that work on a variety of stocks and ETFs.

John's Videos

Join John Carter, author of Mastering the Trade, as he discusses the options set-ups that have proven to be the most consistent in current market conditions. In addition to discussing set-ups that often produce larger-than-expected market maker moves, he will review specific setups for the next trading day. You will learn the reasons why volatility can be your best friend, why options are the best trading vehicle on the planet right now, why down markets are better than up markets, and how to make successful trades on your phone while you are at work. Whether it's a potential 10-bagger elephant trade, taking advantage of options pre- and post-earnings, or simply selling premium for income, Mr. Carter's goal is to give solid trading ideas that you can use in the markets right away.
When to put on and take off stops. John Carter discusses how to avoid emotions in your trading--don't trade-off of rage, fear & greed. Carter discusses the tools offered by Simpler Trading.
John Carter explains the dynamics of a squeeze trade. This involves a compression of Bollinger Bands with the Keltner channel.
Join our panel of experts as they discuss how CME Group micro futures contracts can help you make more possible from your current strategies and financial goals. Find out how these smaller-sized micro futures are helping more traders harness the power of leverage, controlling a larger contract value for a small amount of capital upfront and access new opportunities in today's global markets.

John's Books

John Carter

Mastering the Trade: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups

Mastering the Trade includes the essential content that has made it a bestselling classic and includes critical new information for making the best trading decisions in every situation. Combining insightful market overview with trading strategies and concepts.