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John Carter


Simpler Trading


John Carter is founder and president of Simpler Trading, and author of Mastering the Trade. An active trader for the past 25 years, his main focus is trading futures and options. Mr. Carter studied international finance at the University of Cambridge in England before graduating from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Trading Rage, Fear & Greed
12/21/2019 7:30 am EST

When to put on and take off stops. John Carter discusses how to avoid emotions in your trading--don'...

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Don’t Fight the Squeeze
12/13/2019 2:53 pm EST

John Carter explains the dynamics of a squeeze trade. This involves a compression of Bollinger Bands...

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The Life of Butterflies
11/04/2019 9:51 am EST

What is a butterfly spread? John Carter explains butterfly spreads and how to price them. How to bui...