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Jill Amen

Co-Founder and President

House of Jane


Jill Amen had the idea to start a cannabis-infused beverage company by visiting coffee houses on a trip to Amsterdam. But you could say that the House of Jane (HOJ) literally grew out of 30+ years interest in the medicinal benefits of the cannabis-sativa plant and consequently began a breakthrough, award-winning line of beverages called Jane's BrewHOJ is leading the industry by educating patients and dispensaries about the responsible, medicinal use of cannabis-infused beverages. HOJ encourages responsible medicating and asks patients to join "Jane's Army" to take the "pledge" to consume responsibly. HOJ also requires all licensed dispensaries that wish to carry Jane's Brew to undergo training before it is placed on their shelves. Furthermore, by integrating best practices and integrity into all aspects of its product development, manufacturing and patient marketing, HOJ has created a strict protocol for the production of Jane's Brew. Triple-lab testing with CW Analytical assures that every batch of oil, product ingredient and final beverage are toxin-free and dosed accurately.