Welcome and thank you for visiting the all-new MoneyShow.com! You are in for an exciting and unique experience, and to help you get started, we've assembled the most frequently asked questions, and their answers, which should help to make your time spent at MoneyShow.com both memorable and enjoyable.

Do I need to register?

If you would like to read articles or view short segment videos, registration is not necessary. If you would like to watch Webcasts on MoneyShow.com, registration is required but it's also FREE and without obligation, meaning all you need to do is activate your account to begin accessing a wealth of exciting and informative Webcasts found throughout the site!

Will I be flooded with "junk" e-mails once I provide my e-mail address?

No. All messages sent by MoneyShow, the producers of MoneyShow.com, and its partners, speakers, and exhibitors, are specifically designed for the investment community. No spam or "junk" e-mails will be sent as a result of your registration. Also, when you create your account and select your preferences, you choose the parties who may contact you, and will be able to opt-out of receiving third party e-mail messages if you so choose.

What can I do at MoneyShow.com?

At MoneyShow.com, you can keep track of the markets, read timely articles, connect with world-renowned professionals 24/7 via Webcasts and virtual events, locate your portfolio's next big winner in Top Pros' Top Picks, gain cutting-edge advice through videos, and learn the trading experts profitable techniques and trading strategies, and so much more. You'll find areas devoted to stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, global investing, commodities, broad market analysis, forecasts and much more!

How do I navigate the site?

Before beginning your session, always login to MoneyShow.com using your e-mail address and password. The navigation area atop the Home page is your gateway to all the exciting content that awaits you on the site. New features are updated daily on the Investing & Trading home page, and users can access content specific to any investing or trading style by scrolling over the navigation options at the top of each page. Point and click to filter and/or access content directly, or use the dynamic search function to assist you in finding all of the media, insights, and expert advice that matters to you most.

What is a Webcast?

Webcast events feature streaming audio and video of your favorite speakers as they address many of today's hottest topics for investors, traders, and financial advisors. At MoneyShow.com , you can watch Webcast events both LIVE and on-demand. From the MoneyShow.com Home page, scroll over either the "Events" or "Video" navigation to display the options for "Webcasts". Click to see a list of exclusive sessions that are available for on-demand viewing, and others that you can watch LIVE from upcoming shows!

How do I watch Webcast events?

To watch on-demand Webcast events, please visit the "Expert Views" section. Then choose "Webcasts." You can watch FREE Webcast sessions with just a simple click on the title and accepting the terms. You can also register to watch Webcast events LIVE from upcoming shows. Choose "Upcoming LIVE Webcasts" from the Video navigation, then register for the desired sessions. On the day of the LIVE event(s), login and click "My Videos," follow the basic viewing instructions, and enjoy the show!

Can I register to attend upcoming shows from this site?

Yes. Click "Events" to learn about and register for upcoming shows, virtual events, and cruises, all featuring spectacular venues and world-renowned experts

What questions will I be asked when registering?

The only required fields for registration are your name, address, and e-mail, plus your MoneyShow.com password, which you create and submit to gain access to the site. You can be sure that you will NOT have to provide any confidential information during the registration process, and there is no payment or credit card information required.

How do I retrieve my password if I forgot it?

If you forget your password, we will help you retrieve it in just seconds. Click the "Sign In" link at the top of the home page, then click "Forgot Your Password?" You may then enter your e-mail address, and we will re-send your password via e-mail immediately.

How do I change my Password?

Login and click "Preferences" from the drop down menu, then scroll down to "Update Password".

What if I want to Speak/Exhibit at one of MoneyShow's events?

MoneyShow produces more than a dozen top-quality seminars and investment cruises each year. To discover how you or your company can be a part of these events, please call 800/970-4355 to speak to a representative, or click Contact Us to request more information.

How do I login to MoneyShow.com?

Site users who have already created a MoneyShow.com account can simply click "Sign In" and enter the username (e-mail address) and the password established at the time of registration. New users should click "Register" and follow the simple steps to complete the free registration process.

I am trying to login, but the site is saying that it doesn't recognize my e-mail address?

Please call our Customer Relations department, Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern at 800/970-4355. Or, contact us via e-mail.

How do I register and view a LIVE Webcast? (If you are not already a MoneyShow.com member)

For assistance, please call our Client Relations department, Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern at 800/970-4355, or click the following link to contact us via e-mail. Complete the free registration process and be sure to remember the username (e-mail address) and password you use to create the account. Login to MoneyShow.com using this information. Look for the words "Welcome Your Name" at the top of the page to be sure your login was successful. Click "Events" in the top navigation area. Locate the Upcoming LIVE Webcast(s) you wish to see and click "Register" for each one. Once your selections are made! Up to 15 minutes before each event is scheduled to begin, login to MoneyShow.com and click "My Videos" to display the events for which you are registered. Click the corresponding link to launch the Webcast and watch the desired LIVE session.

How do I register and view a LIVE Webcast? (If you are already a MoneyShow.com member)

Sign in to MoneyShow.com using your e-mail address and password. Look for the words "Welcome Your Name" at the top of the page to be sure your login was successful. Click "Events" in the top navigation area. Choose Upcoming LIVE Webcasts. Locate the event(s) you wish to see and click "Register Now". Your selections will be added to your My Videos for easy access. Up to 15 minutes before each event is scheduled to begin, login to MoneyShow.com and click "My Videos" from the drop down to display the events for which you are registered. Click the corresponding Watch Now link to launch the the desired LIVE session.

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