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Banking on Europe

The big positive in Europe is that more countries have been growing faster than expected. Therefore,…

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Harding Loevner: International Outperformance?

International equities are currently experiencing their longest period of underperformance relative …

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Virtus: Global Approach to Monthly Dividends

In my pursuit to add more high-yield holdings that pay out highly desirable monthly distributions, m…

Bryan Perry Image Bryan Perry
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Matthews Fund Eyes Dividends in China

Founded in November 2009, the Matthews China Dividend Fund (MCDFX), rated five stars by Morningstar…

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Opportunities in Europe

Europe finally looks attractive for investors; with most of the political risks seemingly surmount…

Gavin Graham Image Gavin Graham
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Bright Outlook for LG Display

Our latest stock pick is a South Korean company, LG Display (LPL), that makes displays for TVs, comp…

Paul Goodwin Image Paul Goodwin
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HDFC: Banking Bet on India

HDFC Bank (HDB) is a big Indian bank with a market cap of nearly $75 billion and total assets (as o…

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ETFs for Global Income

Just as U.S. investors have a “home country” bias by investing the bulk of their equity investment…

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Upgrading Strategy Eyes Foreign Funds

Funds that have done well recently tend to continue to do well in the coming months and even years,…

Janet Brown Image Janet Brown
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ABB, Robots and the 4th Industrial Revolution

The world is changing at a rate that most of us cannot comprehend. It's being called the Fourth In…

Gordon Pape Image Gordon Pape