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Trading Lesson: 6 Steps That Can Make Your Trading Plan Easier

Trading can make you feel uneasy. Let’s explore this further with a focus on what happens in y…

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Matt Kerkhoff's Intro to Options: Part 1 and 2

Matthew Kerkhoff, options expert and editor of Dow Theory Letters, has written an exceptional 14-par…

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3 Red Flags for Netflix after Earnings

Netflix (NFLX) continued to grow its subscriber base at a breakneck speed in the third quarter. But …

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View from Toronto: Watching S&P Climb as Bond Yields Dip

Trade strategy: Use price strength to trim mid-to-longer-term positions as the S&P 500 rises to …

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Rare Arbitrage Opportunity: SPY vs. XLI

Investors are continuing to pile into equities as alternate investments such as investment grade bon…

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The New Trader Psychology: Part 1

In this three-part series I will attempt to give you an overview of how important behavioral economi…

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5 Reasons to Trade Cryptocurrencies on eToro

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving, as a growing number of these innovative assets…

Strategies for Investors Trying to Meet their Income Goals

Jay Hatfield will review the outlook for interest rates and the credit cycle, midstream MLP investing in a period of low…

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Trading Lesson: 10 Ideas to Improve Your Trading

Doing your best going into a trade and accepting the outcome is the secret to trading. The accepting…