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DNP Select Income: "Phenomenal" Total Return

DNP Select Income Fund (DNP) is a closed-end fund (CEF). That means it’s organized as a public…

Briton Ryle Image Briton Ryle
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Trading Lesson: What You Should Know about Smart Beta Index ETFs

Smart beta ETFs have lower fees and higher volume capacity than traditional active strategies. They …

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Guggenheim Enhanced: A Covered Call Strategy

Respecting the market’s more uncertain landscape during the August-September timeframe, it is …

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Forget TIPs: No Need for Inflation-Protected Bonds

Here’s the non-technical reason why we downgraded Fidelity's Inflation-Protected Bond (FINPX) …

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Opportunistic Bond Bets

Fixed-income is still one of those asset classes where sector positioning, duration targeting, and c…

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Fidelity Total Bond Gets a Makeover

Fidelity Total Bond Fund (FTBFX) has gotten a makeover and the strategic changes that were implement…

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The Right "Price" for Mid-Caps

Instead of focusing solely on the largest growth companies, you also should consider mid-cap growth …

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ESG Funds: Investing for "Good"

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, and is a variety of ethical or sustai…

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Going Global for Growth and Income

Bob Carlson is a leading expert on retirement investing, recommending portfolios that are diversif…

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A Fund with an Edge on Momentum

Though we still look at momentum among the constituents of our Best Buys models and potential repl…