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About Wyckoff Analytics

At Wyckoff Analytics, we teach you to trade in step with the institutions that dominate the markets. Our overarching goal: to help you become consistently profitable through a series of interactive online classes based on the pioneering market insights of legendary trader and educator, Richard Wyckoff. Many successful professional traders rely on the Wyckoff Method to “read the market,” allowing them to discern the intentions of "the smart money,” and thus to anticipate (and profit from) future price movement.


Develop a foundational understanding of Wyckoff Method analysis, acquiring the knowledge and skills to produce immediate impacts on your trading strategies. The 15-session Fall and Spring series start late August and early January, respectively. The 12-session summer series starts in April. Join the complimentary first session!
Join us online each Wednesday afternoon for an in-depth look at major U.S. indices and their reactions to national and international news events. This is followed by a detailed analysis of market sectors, industry groups, leading stocks, and several commodities from a Wyckoff Method perspective. Finally, we discuss YOUR current positions and trade candidates.
Enjoy this popular newsletter published each Friday by authors Bruce Fraser and Roman Bogomazov. In each issue, you'll find a concise analysis of the overall U.S. market, a “Chart of Interest,” industry groups of interest, and up to 20 liquid stocks or ETFs identified through the weekly selection process we use to populate our own watchlists. We focus on stocks and ETFs in emerging uptrends after building a cause, anticipating that they may become actionable in the future.
This course presents a wealth of foundational chart-reading knowledge, encompassing both Technical Analysis (TA) and the Wyckoff Method. You will learn elemental to intermediate charting principles, including our personal interpretations of conventional (TA) concepts within a Wyckoff Method context. The Basic Course focuses on the essential analytical techniques that will allow you to make a seamless transition from TA to the Wyckoff Method!
Read our overview of Wyckoff's theoretical and practical approaches to the markets, including guidelines for identifying trade candidates and for entering long and short positions, analysis of accumulation and distribution trading ranges, and an explanation of how to use Point and Figure charts to identify price targets. Many professional traders and institutional investors continue to apply Wyckoff's time-tested insights and principles, which are as valid today as when they were first articulated.
Anatomy of a Trade | Wyckoff Power Charting | Wyckoff Structural Scanning | Wyckoff in the World of Cryptocurrency | Lessons From Trading (Mistakes)