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Schaeffer's Investment Research's contrarian trading approach focuses on stocks with technical and fundamental trends that run counter to investor expectations. Adding quantified sentiment indicators at the individual equity level gives our subscribers a trading edge over all others. We call this proven, award-winning methodology expectational analysis. Nearly 25 years ago, Bernie Schaeffer engaged a fledgling options industry with his visionary approaches to trading options. Today, Bernie leads investors toward profit-making strategies with a combination of analytics, commentary, education, and well-timed trades. His unique approach, encapsulated in his award-winning Expectational Analysis, has made Bernie one of the most respected market analysts in the world. His independence has earned him and his staff at Schaeffer's a trusted position in the market, helping subscribers trade more confidently and make money in all market conditions.

Schaeffer's Investment Research, Inc.'s Articles

U.S. President Joe Biden's sweeping $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill received 58% approval from Americans in a new CBS news poll, reports Bernie Schaeffer, founder and CEO of Schaeffer's Investment Research.
Since 1981, Bernie Schaeffer has been a leading expert in technical analysis, market sentiment and options trading; in his The Options Advisor, he reviews two bullish strategies for owning retailing stocks.
Since last October, Tennessee, Michigan, and Virginia launched their first online sports book. Meanwhile, Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota all legalized sports betting, notes Bernie Schaeffer, editor of Schaeffer's Investment Research.
Bernie Schaeffer is an industry leading options expert. Here, the editor of Schaeffer's Option Advisor looks at one bullish idea in the home entertainment space and a bearish idea in the cybersecurity market.