About TD Asset Management Inc.

TD Asset Management (TDAM), a member of TD Bank Group, is a leading North American investment management firm. TDAM brings new thinking to investors' most important challenges. TDAM provides access to mutual funds with a wide variety of mandates, a range innovative Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), as well as alternative investments, giving clients access to one of the broadest offerings of investment solutions available in Canada. TDAM, together with our affiliate, Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. oversees $428 billion1 in assets and is the largest manager of pension fund assets in Canada. 2

1Assets under management (AUM) as at June 30, 2021 for TD Asset Management Inc., TDAM USA Inc., and Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. TD Asset Management operates through TD Asset Management Inc. in Canada and through TDAM USA Inc. in the United States. All entities listed are affiliates and wholly-owned subsidiaries of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. 2 Investor Economics, "Managed Money Advisory Service–Canada" (Spring 2021). AUM as of December 2020. As measured by the sum of AUM across the "DB Pension Plan" and "DC Pension Plan" categories disclosed in the Investor Economics report.