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High Dividend Opportunities is the largest community of income investors and retirees with 4000+ members, ranked #1 in dividends, income, and retirement. This is a comprehensive income service dedicated to high-yield securities at attractive valuations. Our Model Portfolio targets a yield of 9-10%. If you are looking for high-sustainable income, you have come to the right place. Join us today! ?

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Sponsored Content - Interest rates have fallen to levels never seen before in America in recorded financial history. We’ve seen short-term rate on Treasury bills get to similar levels, but the 10-year rate has hit levels never seen before, suggests Rida Morwa, editor of High Dividend Opportunities.
Even before Realty Income (O) was publicly traded, they had never missed or reduced a dividend payment since its founding in 1969 — and since its public IPO in 1994, the REIT has paid a monthly dividend without interruption, suggests Rida Morwa, editor of High Dividend Opportunities.
One of the most intriguing mortgage assets to own today is "agency mortgage-backed securities" — a unique asset that removes the risk of the underlying borrowers defaulting on the mortgages, explains Rida Morwa, editor of High Dividend Opportunities.
Newtek Business Services (NEWT) is a stock with a double digit yield, high insider ownership, and pandemic resistance, asserts income expert Rida Morwa, editor of High Dividend Opportunities.