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Ashcroft Capital is a vertically integrated multi-family investment firm comprised of industry-leading executives. Ashcroft applies institutional policies and procedures while remaining entrepreneurial and implementing innovative solutions to an often antiquated industry. We are driven by a focused mission to improve the quality of life for our residents at well-located, value-add communities. Though we are first and foremost focused on capital preservation, this approach has resulted in several outsized, full-cycle investor returns.

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Discover the key to unlocking your real estate investment potential with our upcoming webinar hosted by Travis Watts, a seasoned full-time investor, and the director of Investor Education at Ashcroft Capital. Delve into the age-old question of whether holding onto your real estate indefinitely brings a significant advantage or if there exists a more profitable strategy. Travis Watts, an expert in "value-add" real estate investing, will take you on a journey through his personal investing approach as well as Ashcroft Capital's value-add approach; strategies designed to maximize your returns. Join us on September 13th and uncover sustainable real estate wealth-building strategies for 2023.

In this webinar, you will learn how to build a passive income through real estate, how to become a hands-off real estate investor, and how real estate is used to hedge against inflation and recessions.
Join Travis Watts, the director of Investor Education at Ashcroft Capital, and learn how to make passive income investing work for you.

After experiencing 40-year high inflation and the Federal Reserve rapidly raising interest rates, investors are still reeling. Stocks spent most of last year in a downturn, even entering a bear market at one point. With many top economists fearing a recession could be right around the corner, some investors may think there's no good place to invest. Investing in multifamily apartments has been a tried-and-true way to build passive income and generational wealth throughout the centuries. Explore what's in store for multifamily apartments in 2023 and find out how you can benefit from real estate cash flow and inflation in this exclusive webinar.

Travis Watts is a multifamily apartment investor, passive income advocate, and the director of Investor Education at Ashcroft Capital. In today's webinar, Mr. Watts shares his expertise on passive income investing using multifamily private placements. Learn how to be an investor, rather than a landlord, and join us for an exclusive look into the power of multifamily apartments in 2023.