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For people that want to defy convention, Shavelogic defies nicks, cuts, gimmicks and naysayers by offering a superior shaving experience. Handles feature all-metal ergonomics, an intuitive magnetic connection to the cartridge, and are guaranteed for life. Founded in 2009 by Rob Wilson and Duwayne Miller, the company holds over 150 worldwide patents.

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Through a combination of world-class products, patents, and production capabilities, a perfect storm is brewing in the $11B men's razors and blades industry.
Warren Buffet slept well knowing that his shaving equity was protected by over one billion men growing their beards each night. That was 16 years ago, and whisker removal remains a reliable business. But despite new entrants the landscape is eerily unchanged. Enter Shavelogic: disruptive innovation, global IP, and scalable competitive advantage.


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