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About Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, Euro Pacific is a full-service, SEC-registered broker/dealer that has historically been recognized for its expertise in foreign markets and securities. Through its direct relationships with countless foreign trading desks, the firm's clients are able to avoid the large spreads often imposed by domestic market makers of foreign securities, thereby substantially reducing overall transaction costs.

Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.'s Articles

Currently, some market watchers have begun to openly question whether the bull market in stocks has finally come to an end. They certainly have cause to worry, writes Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Global Strategist Euro Pacific Capital.
While currency traders often get the fundamentals completely wrong, it never seems to stop them from offering bizarre theories to explain currency movements, writes Peter Schiff.
Market watchers around the world are justifiably fixated with the high-stakes, high-drama unfolding in Italy. A political crisis in the world's ninth largest economy, according to the IMF, would normally not be enough to cause an international meltdown, writes Peter Schiff.
An asset bubble and a false economic recovery will not have a positive outcome says Euro Pacific Capital's Peter Schiff.

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