INTERVIEW A Little Bit Extra Tim Plaehn discusses his criteria for finding stocks with dividend growth and offering high yield and he shares one company that he has liked for some time.

INTERVIEW Dividend-Paying Stock Selection Tim Plaehn of The Dividend Hunter discusses his basic methodology of yield vs. dividend growth for finding dividend-paying stock candidates.

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INTERVIEW Will Interest Rates Going Up Be the Death Knell for Dividend Stocks? Harry Domash doesn't think so and highlights two categories that can benefit from interest rates going up and why the companies' dividend-paying stocks should not suffer.

SPEAKER Conrad, Roger Roger Conrad is co-founder and chief editor of Capitalist Times and publisher of Energy and Income Advisor, Capitalist Times, and Conrad's Utility Investor. He's been on the MoneyShow circuit since 1989, with a focus on utilities, Canadian and Australian high-yielding stocks, master limited partnerships, and other income and growth investments worldwide. From 1989 to 2013, Mr. Conrad was founding and sole editor of Utility Forecaster.

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