SPEAKER Gue, Elliott Elliott Gue launched the Energy & Income Advisor, a semi-monthly online newsletter that's dedicated to uncovering the most profitable opportunities in the energy sector, from growth stocks to high-yielding utilities, royalty trusts, and master limited partnerships. He is also the founder of Capitalist Times, prior to which, he shared his experience and stock-picking abilities with individual investors in the highly regarded research publications, MLP Profits, The Energy Strategist, and Personal Finance. Mr. Gue's knowledge of the energy sector and prescient investment calls prompted the official program of the 2008 G-8 Summit in Tokyo to call him "the world's leading energy strategist." He has contributed chapters on developments in the global energy markets to two books: The Silk Road to Riches: How You Can Profit by Investing in Asia's Newfound Prosperity and Rise of the State: Profitable Investing and Geopolitics in the 21st Century.

INTERVIEW Eric Kaufman: Faster Reviews Help Pipeline MLPs Speaking at MoneyShow Las Vegas, Eric Kaufman says the expedited project reviews of energy pipelines could have a positive impact on Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

SPEAKER Hosmer, Donald Donald Hosmer is president of business development and co-founder of Royale Energy, Inc. Royale Energy is developing natural gas and oil fields throughout the major geologic basins in the US. Under his leadership, Royale became one of the largest independent natural gas producers that explores, develops, produces, and markets natural gas in California.

INTERVIEW Eric Kaufman on Investing in Oil, Energy At MoneyShow Las Vegas, Eric Kaufman views the possible IPO of Aramco, Saudi succession and budgets, Russia expansion, China and India auto purchases and higher fuel consumption.

INTERVIEW Elliott Gue on MLPs for Energy For MoneyShow Las Vegas, Elliott Gue describes MLP opportunities in oil drilling and fracking by companies in West Texas, Central Oklahoma, the Dakotas and Alberta, Canada.

Royale Energy 3777 Willow Glen Drive, El Cajon, CA 92019

Duke Energy 526 S Church Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

WEBCAST MagLev Energy, Inc. "MEI" Investment Opportunities with MEI Explained in Laymen's Terms In this session, Don Taylor, MEI's President and CFO, will present our corporate vision and strategy for managed growth along with presenting a creative investment opportunity to Money Show attendees in need of diversifying their individual portfolios with a position in green, energy. Our electric motor technology has been tested and proven. Prototypes will be on display. Join us as we make history. 2017 will be the year this paradigm-shifting technology is monetized.

INTERVIEW Energy: A New Era of Serial Gluts Mark Mills discusses how the United states has created a serial glut in the oil market through advancements in technology.

SPEAKER Jeansonne, Clay Clay Jeansonne has been vice president, investor relations for Linn Energy, LLC since 2007. He began his career in oil and gas with the Louisiana Land & Exploration Company (LL&E) in 1990, holding several finance positions within that company. As a result of the merger between LL&E and Burlington Resources, Mr. Jeansonne joined Burlington as its investor relations specialist. In 2001, he joined Pogo Producing Company as corporate director of investor relations and was promoted to vice president of investor relations. Mr. Jeansonne held that position at Pogo until the sale of the company to Plains Exploration in 2007. He also served as vice president, investor relations and corporate communications for CheMatch.com prior to joining Pogo. In May 2011, the Oil and Gas Investor named Mr. Jeansonne as the winner of its 2010 Best IR Program award. He received a BS in computer sciences from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi. Mr. Jeansonne is a past board member and current member of the National Investor Relations Institute--Houston Chapter.