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SPEAKER Carter, John John Carter is founder and president of Simpler Trading, and author of Mastering the Trade. An active trader for the past 25 years, his main focus is trading futures and options. Mr. Carter studied international finance at the University of Cambridge in England before graduating from the University of Texas at Austin.

SPEAKER Carlson, Robert Robert Carlson is editor of the monthly newsletter and Web site, Retirement Watch. He is chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fairfax County Employees' Retirement System, which has over $3 billion in assets, and was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Virginia Retirement System, which oversaw $42 billion in assets, from 2001-2005. His latest book is Personal Finance for Seniors for Dummies (with Eric Tyson). Previous books include Invest Like a FoxNot Like a Hedgehog and The New Rules of Retirement.

SPEAKER Frederick, Randy Randy Frederick is director of trading and derivatives at the Schwab Center for Financial Research. He is one of the chief architects of Schwab's option trading platforms and analytics tools. Mr. Frederick supervises operation and risk procedures, business and product development efforts, as well as public relations and client education for the derivatives business. A respected industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, he writes monthly columns for Schwab's client newsletters, and is the author of the book The Trader's Guide to Equity Spreads (McGraw-Hill, 2007). Mr. Frederick's articles have been published in trade magazines such as Active Trader, SFO, and Futures. He is a frequent guest on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and his comments appear regularly in the financial news media, including the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters, USA Today, and

SPEAKER Redler, Scott Scott Redler is the chief strategic officer of T3 Trading Group. He has been trading equities for more than 10 years and has more recently received widespread recognition from the financial community for his insightful, pragmatic approach. Mr. Redler began his career as a broker and venture capitalist, where he was able to facilitate relationships that led him into trading. Beginning his trading career at Broadway Trading in 1999, Mr. Redler moved on with Marc Sperling to Sperling Enterprises, LLC, after establishing himself as one of the best young traders in the firm. As a manager at Sperling Enterprises, he maintained his status as a top trader in the industry while working closely with all traders in the firm to dramatically increase performance. Mr. Redler's vast knowledge and meticulous attention to detail has led to regular appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg, and he has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Investor's Business Daily, among other publications. He produces much of the media and content available to subscribers and followers.

SPEAKER Capra, Greg Greg Capra was founded and president/CEO of Pristine Trading for over 22 years and is known as a pioneer of the online trading and investing industry. In the late 1980s, he immersed himself into learning what moved the markets and why. His approach to the markets is based on technical analysis, rather than a fundamental based one. However, he uses what he calls a Techno-Fundamental one that combines Market Internals, Inter-market Analysis, and Technical Analysis. Mr. Capra has taught and consulted for money managers, institutional traders, specialists, and market makers. He has won numerous real-money, real-time trading challenges using his Pristine Method of investing and trading that he created in the mid-1990s. McGraw Hill Publishing and Wiley Publishing each commissioned him to author several books and DVDs on the subject of technical trading and investing.

SPEAKER Busby, Tom Tom Busby is the founder and CEO of the Diversified Trading Institute (DTI) in Mobile, Alabama. Established in 1996, DTI offers education and support to the novice and the skilled trader in all asset classes. As the CEO of DTI, he spends his days teaching students and trading his own private account in futures, options, and equities. As a pioneer in the trading industry, Mr. Busby emerged as a world-recognized educator; as one of the first trading professionals to trade live in front of a crowd of his clients and peers at various venues around the country. Mr. Busby's lifelong career in the markets started as a money manager with some of the world's largest wire houses. He then moved into the private sector and started training others about the global markets. With guest speaking spots on Bloomberg and CNBC, Mr. Busby is also the co-author of Winning the Day Trading Game, The Markets Never Sleep, and Trade to Win. He takes a complex subject, the global markets, and puts it into an easy-to-understand language for all levels of traders and investors. SFO Magazine has called Mr. Busby's school, DTI, "One of the Top 10 Trading Schools in the Country." He also hosts a daily, online live trading room, where traders from all over the world join him as he covers the daily action in markets, like the E-mini S&P, NASDAQ, Dow and DAX futures, as well as his personal stock and options picks.

WEBCAST Portfolio Management Strategies for Active Investors Join Ziad Jasani, the Head-Swing-Trader at the Independent Investor Institute, to learn active Portfolio Management Strategies using a Global-Macro, Fundamental & Technical Analysis approach. You'll learn which spaces globally are more opportune and which spaces carry more down-side risk. From there you'll be introduced to a structured decision-making approach that identifies market trends from the top-down, behavioural events that can unlock value, and how to utilize ETFs to construct growth-focused and income-focused portfolios, while taking less than average market risk. This is a do-not-miss session!

WEBCAST Award-Winning Strategies for Active Day and Swing Traders Rob Hoffman shares his favorite trading set-ups that are working right now for futures, stocks, options, currencies, and ETFs. These very same set-ups enabled Rob to win more than 15 domestic and international, live, on-site, and real money only trading competitions. More than any other trader in the entire world!
Participants will be able to ask him questions and watch him share his set-ups LIVE. Rob is an internationally recognized speaker and trader known for his willingness to trade LIVE with students and who uses his work to win real-money-only trading competitions around the world. This is a must-see event.

SPEAKER Belaga, Evan Evan Belaga has been a certified financial planner (CFP) and chartered financial consultant (ChFC) specializing in retirement planning since 1983. Employing a big picture 'holistic' approach, Evan will examine all areas of your finances: insurance, investments, taxes, IRAs, social security, and other retirement plans to assure they are integrated, up-to-date and maximized. Individuals will receive a complimentary consultation. Business owners will also receive a free business valuation and a review of: buy-sell agreements, retirement income, exit planning, and business protection strategies.