SPEAKER Calhoun, Ken Ken Calhoun is the president of TradeMastery.com. Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry awards for his professional trading systems, and he has trained over 31,000 people in over 147 companies worldwide. Mr. Calhoun trains traders on how to trade using one-minute candle charts, sector breakouts, gaps and market indexes using advanced tape reading, and real-time candlestick trading techniques by using live market examples. A former corporate statistician and quality engineer, he brings a wealth of analytical experience to the markets.

INTERVIEW Ken Calhoun: Add to the Winning Trade Ken Calhoun, TradeMastery.com, offers tips to traders: “Always go into every single position that you with the expectation that you need to position, size or need to scale into it."

INTERVIEW Ken Calhoun: Trade Wide, Not Deep. Part 1 Ken Calhoun at MoneyShow Las Vegas suggests, “the number one rule is to trade wide and not deep. The trick is don’t bet too deep on any one position.”

WEBCAST How to Trade Candlestick Breakouts & Gaps Discover how you can day and swing trade successful breakouts in this fast-paced, interactive new workshop session. You'll see how to enter the strongest candlestick breakout patterns, including momentum trades, acceleration ramps, and gap continuation stock day and swing trading entries. Award-winning active trading pro Ken Calhoun will show you step-by-step exactly how to enter and exit your trades using easy-to-see momentum trading patterns. You'll also discover specific new strategies to help you decide what exact prices to enter your trades at, explained with straightforward, clear chart signals.

Traders will learn newly updated "visual gap entry" patterns to help you scan for and find the best gaps to trade (including clearly-defined rules to use). You'll also learn how to add to winning gap swing trades to maximize your potential profits. Gaps are the strongest signal; you will learn dozens of advanced gap tactics.

Learn how to avoid false breakouts: tactics for setting buy-stop entries that minimize false breakouts while entering strong in-trend trade setups. Plus "wide-range" candlestick chart patterns to enter the best trades.

Discover price-action momentum trading: how to use the same price action entry and exit volatility signals that professional Wall Street traders use (these insider tips are an essential but little-known strategy that can help your trading).

INTERVIEW Bounce Back Play for Crude Oil Ken Calhoun discusses how he has been exiting his gold and gold-mining positions after he started to see a bounce in crude oil stocks.

INTERVIEW The Importance of Timing when Trading Funds Ken Calhoun discusses the importance of trends, timing, and position-sizing when it comes to trading with ETFs.

INTERVIEW Using ETFs to Trade the Markets Ken Calhoun discusses his outlook on the market and highlights a number of ETFs and ETNs that he is currently using to trade the market.

TRADING IDEAS OF THE DAY Ken Calhoun's Breakout Chart of the Week Join Ken Calhoun each week for a new episode of Breakout Chart of the Week for stock swing traders and day traders. Today's trade charts: Esperion Therapeutics (ESPR) and Aramark (ARMK).

TIPS FOR TRADERS How to Avoid False Breakouts with TRIN Ken Calhoun of Daytrading University, explains how to interpret the TRIN indicator to avoid buying stocks that look to be breaking out but fail to actually make a move higher.

TRADING IDEAS OF THE DAY How to Profit on Momentum Breakouts Ken Calhoun, founder of DaytradingUniversity.com and contributor to Equities.com, explains how to trade two- and 15-day breakouts accurately and confidently.