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Boxer, Harry
Harry Boxer is author of The Technical Trader, a real-time diary of his trading ideas and market analysis. He has more than 40 years of Wall Street investment and technical analysis experience, including eight years as chief technical analyst with three brokerage firms.Mr. Boxer was the winner of the 1995 and 1996 worldwide internet stock-market trading contest, The Technical Analysis Challenge.
Harry Boxer on Intraday Trading
At TradersExpo Las Vegas, Harry Boxer: I tell people what patterns are intraday, one-minute patterns.and potentially setting up for a move. When they do make that move, I put out a Buy alert.
Harry Boxer on Tech, Energy, Banks
At TradersExpo, Harry Boxer: I'm a big trader in biotech and semiconductors and the financial group, banks. One of my picks: Mazor Robotics.I picked Nvidia at $19. We picked Clayton Williams Energy.
Harry Boxer: Day Trade, Swing Charts
At TradersExpo Las Vegas, Harry Boxer, at, we specialize in emerging stocks breaking out. We look at chart patterns for day trading and patterns that could be swing trades.
Harry Boxer: Chart Picks on CGC, TNDM
At MoneyShow San Francisco, Harry Boxer: technicals will tell you what to do at all times. I put swing trades on 3 cannabis stocks. CGC went from $7 to $45. Tandem Diabetes TNDM from $4 to $40.
Harry Boxer: Trading Price and Volume
At MoneyShow, Harry Boxer: I'm a big believer in price and volume moving stocks, gapping over resistance so they can trend all day. When we get those kind of stocks, we milk them, raising stops.
Harry Boxer: FAANGs, Oil, Gold, Rally?
At TradersExpo Las Vegas, Harry Boxer: on the market outlook, FAANGs stocks, will there be a Santa Claus rally? What he sees for oil, natural gas, gold and silver. Check out:
Harry Boxer: Scaling Out of a Position
At MoneyShow Las Vegas, Harry Boxer: The problem with most traders is they get out too early and wonder: how do I stay in the trade. Scale out a little at a time. You don't have to sell all at once.
Harry Boxer: How I Got Started in Trading
At TradersExpo Chicago, Harry Boxer: How I go started in trading at age 14. What I've learned since and what I teach traders. I would cut classes from college and go read the tape.
3 Stock Breakouts

Harry Boxer identifies three stocks that broke out this week and appear to be headed higher. 

4 Momentum Stocks to Watch

Four stocks moving on news and increased volume that are gaining technical momentum, reports Harry Boxer.

4 Healthcare Stocks to Watch

Tabb these four healthcare and biotech stocks that all made positive technical moves last week, according to Harry Boxer.

Intraday & Swing Trading
Harry Boxer describes how he uses intraday charts for his swing trading recommendations. Learn the services provided by Boxer. What stocks is Harry following now?