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Giving Up the Bear Market for Lent

Released on Tuesday, March 7, 2023ETFs
There are loads of headline risk, inflation, and recession fears out there, as well as geopolitical concerns. But this recent selloff was rather typical seasonal behavior for February, especially the latter half of the month. February is the weakest link in the Best Six Months, November-April, and is the second worst month of the year. Plus, on the heels of the massive rally of the October and December lows, the market sure needed a bit of a respite. After a textbook Stock Trader's Almanac 4-Year Cycle midterm year October bear market bottom the prospects were bullish for 2023 at the outset. Now that the market has hit Jeff's Bullish January Indicator Trifecta his 2023 Forecast Best Case Scenario is in play. Join Jeff for his updated outlook on the Sweet Spot of the 4-year cycle and his latest sector ETF trades and undervalued under-the-radar stock picks.

Jeffrey Hirsch
The Stock Trader's Almanac & Almanac Investor, Editor-in-Chief

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