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The investor with specific FX trading guidelines can react to the market in a very consistent fashion. This presentation includes the process to create critical FX trading parameters.Watch and learn from an expert! Sharpen your trading strategies and take your FX trading strategy to the next level by attending this in-depth workshop, led by renowned trader/instructor Daniel Gramza. This session introduces you to the compelling opportunities of FX markets, fundamental drivers, intermarket relationships, commodity currencies, and then arms you with the techniques you need to make the most of them. Dan will help you gain a better understanding of: how to apply his proprietary approach to Behavioral Japanese Candle Analysis to identify market opportunities. Learn the logic and rationale behind his trading strategies which has resulted from over 30 years of trading experience.Whether you're trading FX now or are new to the markets, you'll find the techniques discussed in this seminar valuable.These techniques will also be applied to current markets that are identified by presentation participants.
Daniel Gramza
Duration: 38:48