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Accessing Tomorrows IPOs, Today: Invest in Late-Stage, Industry Leading, Private Tech Companies Before Their Public Debut

Released on Wednesday, May 26, 2021PRE IPO

Join those who were lucky enough to have invested in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Spotify, DoorDash, and Palantir, before they went public. With the market at all-time highs, the continuing innovations in technology, and a robust IPO market, there is no better time to invest in best in class, late-stage, tech companies preparing for their IPO. What you will learn: What is the pre-IPO (secondary market), proliferations of pre-IPOs and how you can take advantage, structuring and pricing, how the liquidity process works, risk/reward profile, and more.

Bob Spiegel and Scott Kurland each bring 30 years of experience investing across the full spectrum of alternative assets. Accredited Investors come to them for their insights and guidance, as to what are the best areas to invest in during any given market cycle. With unmatched experience, an established track-record, a vast network of tech and wall street connections, and their standing as one of the top firms in the sector, Acuity Partners offers proprietary access to the most timely pre-IPO opportunities.

Scott Kurland
Acuity Partners, Co-Founder and President
Bob Spiegel
Acuity Partners, Co-Founder and CEO

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