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Why Trade Tired Tech Titans When a New Generation of Winners Awaits?

Released on Thursday, December 3, 2020ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS
The FANG has peaked as the wave of innovation that shaped the modern Silicon Valley landscape no longer moves the trillion-dollar needle. Traders looking for real sizzle are hungry for the young and disruptive stocks that can grow into the giants of tomorrow, as long as you have the foresight to seize the opportunities a truly open chart provides. Can you cut through the IPO hype to weigh what a freshly listed company is worth? How high can euphoria take a new stock before the bubble bursts? Hilary Kramer, author of the best-selling GameChanger Investing and editor of IPO Edge, has spent this Covid year racking up triple-digit wins avoiding big tech and without taking on leverage. Now she's ready to share her secrets.

Hilary Kramer
GameChangers, Editor

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