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The Future of Emerging Markets and the Rise of a Digital Generation

Released on Wednesday, February 17, 2021TECHNOLOGY

With the internet becoming increasingly affordable and accessible, billions of people in the developing world are now leapfrogging traditional consumption patterns and starting to consume online for the first time. The result of this rising middle-class consumer wave has transformed economies and produced new internet giants equal to or larger than their US counterparts. Kevin Carter will delve into the greater influence of this new consumer wave and the fundamental changes taking place in developing economies, their preference for online shopping via the smartphone, and how Gen-Z will drive the next leg of this growing digital revolution.

What's Covered:

  • What McKinsey & Co. calls, the biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism.
  • How the largest emerging market indexes are fundamentally flawed.
  • The rising middle-class consumer in emerging markets and their preference for online shopping via smartphones.
  • How internet giants like Alibaba, Jumia, and MercadoLibre are leading the digital revolution in the developing world.

Kevin T. Carter
EMQQ, Founder and CIO

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