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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Released on Wednesday, February 3, 2021COMMODITIES
One of the most important events in 2020 was the breakdown of the US dollar. It's fueling bull markets in all sort of asset classes, most notably resources and precious metals. Unlike any other moment in history, the destruction of the US dollar is being advertised and promoted by everyone. It's not only the Federal Reserve keeping rates low for longer and easy policies, but also central government fighting for who can spend the most! The amount of liquidity in main street combined with developing strength from an inevitable global economic recovery is already rattling inflation expectations. It pushed copper and resources to multi-year highs, and it is being supportive of gold's secular bull market. In Omar Ayales' presentation he will explore the investment trends that are shaping in 2021. We will go on a chart-walk around the world and review dollar weakness and show where global currencies stand. We will look at the secular bull market in resources that broke out in 2020 and what lies for gold as the world commits to currency destruction.

Omar Ayales
Gold Charts R Us, Editor

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