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Dead or Alive: Which High-Yield Dividend Stocks Will Make It Through the Recovery?

Released on Wednesday, February 17, 2021DIVIDEND
When the pandemic-induced lockdowns started last year many companies suspended or severely cut back their dividend payments to conserve cash. Some have restarted, some are waiting, some may be a while until they restart, and some may not even survive. Those that haven't restarted dividends or won't for a while are close to dead money for investors. Those already paying dividends again—even in small amounts to start—are what Tim Plaehn considers to be alive. In this discussion he will look at some of the better-known names in the high-yield space to determine which stocks you should consider dead, which to consider alive, and how to make the call.

Tim Plaehn
Investors Alley, a Subsidiary of Magnifi Communities, Lead Research Analyst

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