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Making Money with No Fracking, No Pipelines, and No Federal Lands

Released on Thursday, July 29, 2021PRIVATE PLACEMENT
The US economy is moving in a positive direction and oil prices are trending upward. In addition, OPEC's oil production cuts, along with tensions in the world-wide hotspots, could be creating a future boom in the oil markets. Many recent articles point to oil prices, not only stabilizing, but potentially skyrocketing in the next few years. At Hornet, we can make money, even when oil is at $18 barrel. Imagine what $60+ oil—plus an aggressive tax write-off for investing in domestic oil and gas—can do for your returns! Find out how you can participate in the next oil boom in one of the more hydrocarbon-rich areas in the US.

Ron Filer, Jr.
Hornet Corporation , Senior Project Coordinator

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