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If water is the basic ingredient of life, then sustainable water infrastructure is the recipe for public health, safety and economic development. Investing in sustainable water and wastewater systems pays dividends for the environment, our communities, and investors as well.  The American Water Works Association estimates that a staggering one trillion dollars in critical water and wastewater investments will be needed over the next two decades. Not meeting the investment needs of our water systems risks reversing the public health, environmental, and economic gains of the last century.  Today we have Chief Executive Officers from publically traded, regulated water utilities in the US. Each day the equity invested in them helps to deliver healthy drinking water to their customers while maintaining the sustainability of their systems. They will discuss the need for long-term investment in water and answer your questions on the utility model, its regulation, and their history of delivering value to shareholders. Join us for a lively discussion.
Eric Thornburg
Duration: 49:39