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Three Key Investment Themes to Watch in Today's Dynamic Marketplace with Steve Hawkins

Released on Tuesday, May 24, 2022ETFs
The investing paradigm has changed: inflation, recent geopolitical events, and market dynamics have created conditions that have resulted in a dynamic, volatile marketplace that has become increasingly difficult to navigate. The question: how can investors succeed in this new era in investing? Join Steve Hawkins, President and CEO of Horizons ETFs, for a presentation focused on how investors can use ETFs to capture three key investment themes that could help them make the most of today's modern marketplace. This seminar will include insights on achieving tailored exposure to burgeoning sectors with thematic ETFs, adjusting your equity/fixed income for today's markets, and other lessons for investors for 2022 and beyond.

Steve Hawkins
Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc., President and CEO

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